ideaCMS is provided to our clients as a hosted solution. Pricing is based on a simple monthly licensing and hosting fee. Packages are provided for ordering efficiency, however, please contact us if you require to "mix and match" modules or features. Design and data entry fees are charge as needed on an hourly basis.









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This website uses ideaCMS. As a client of the product also, we are consistently finding ways to improve upon what we have developed.  As a JDI client, your website will be updated for you with the latest technology as it come available.

Plus, we like the fact that we can update our products, portfolio, and content at any time - a real money saver for us (and we do this for a living).

This website is using the Gold pkg.

The cost of this site (including one time design fee), with some additional custom design and the data entry is:

Initial Design (40hrs): $6000
Monthly: $119.95

Websites for Your Business with ideaCMS
Content Management System

Combining the power of Enterprise level Content Management with the flexibility of professionally-built custom design...for a fraction of the cost.

Simply put, the Internet is the primary resource for a business to communicate with its customers.  The ability to effectively communicate with customers in a timely manner significantly increases the success of your online presence.

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Built completely from the ground up, ideaCMS provides the average business owner the ability to manage their website, content, images and customer information using an intuitive online interface.  No previous computer experience is required.  Through the addition of modules, features can be added to a company's website when the need arises.  The ideaCMS product incorporates various levels of quality control that other systems do not address for the average user. These include online photo management that will automatically resize, crop and adjust photos for use online directly from the user's digital camera (no expensive photo editing software required).

A strong return on investment is critical for our client's online success.  JDI provides a variety of paths for growth by allowing small businesses to establish their online presence with minimal expense with proven techniques and professional design.  As their business grows, we provide products and strategies to attract new customers to their online presence and  they can find comfort in the fact that our technology will scale with them. 

The ideaCMS product is a hosted solution and exclusive to JDI customers.

Professional Presentation; Sophisticated Features; Simple Operation

ideaCMS™ is designed to simplify your ability to update your website content in a regular manner without the hassle of either learning a complex system or scheduling modifications with third party web designers.

Every website we provide is built to your company's specific standards and set up with multiple document templates and layout options to ensure visual consistency and integrity of your brand.  By providing professionally designed website structure, your content is always presented in a consistent and professional manner without any additional effort or cost.

Integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Don't pay extra for third party Search Engine Optimization.  Your website will automatically provide up to date information to the major search engines using unique technology that integrates your website content with industry standard optimization techniques.

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ideaCMS requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or greater for editing websites. The website delivered by the software is designed to be compatible with all common browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc)

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