Graphic Design

Jolly Design offers custom graphic design services for the formation and operation of your business.  We use the latest in design technologies to build a professional image for your company with a unique flare.

Our attention to detail and understanding of both symbolic imagery and layout can create a lasting impression for your company.  Our 15 years of experience in the development of international online and print advertising campaigns provides your company with the expertise of proven techniques without the cost associated with larger agencies.

Brochures, Booklets and Marketing Materials

Jolly Design provides an array of traditional desktop publishing services.  Our experience in printed media with many top national publications will ensure quick turn-around and a high level of precision.  Types of products we produce include:

  • Brochures and Flyers
  • User Manuals and Guides
  • Cook Books
  • Flyers and Advertisements
  • Letterhead, Business Cards, Envelopes, Magazines

We can arrange for printing or provide print-ready files to your printer.

Logo Design
Corporate Identity

Finding the right look for your company's logo can be a challenging task.  Not only do you want to properly portray your company's image but there are many other factors in creating the right design for your business including:

  1. Symbology: The art of using proven subliminal  "power" shapes and layouts.  For example, triangles and squares symbolize order and strength whereas circles represent continuation and renewal.
  2. Colors: Certain colors have an effect on the type of company you are presumed to be. Additionally, color selection can save your company in printing costs for business cards, stationary and other business collateral.
  3. Image Ratio: The relation between width and height.  For example, square (1:1) logos reproduce very well in all mediums (i.e.: websites, business cards, letterhead) whereas rectangle shaped logos (2-5:1) present well for slogans, company names and website addresses.
  4. Fonts: Font selection can say a lot about your business.  With millions of choices, the proper font can speak to the conservative or free spirited nature of your business.
  5. Vector vs. Raster: Vector graphics produce the highest quality printing because the image is composed of geometrical information that can be scaled to any size.  Raster graphics are commonly used for photos and thus are limited to the resolution (size) the image was created in.
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