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We recognize that our future business will be built on the foundation of our past performance.

When customers are so pleased with products and services that they've received, and inspired enough to take the time to provide valuable feeback, we feel the need to share it.


Here's a sampling of some thoughts our clients have shared with us:

"Being in business for over 20 years, I have to deal with a lot of staff, acquaintances, clients and friends I have made along the way.

I feel honored to have found and conducted business with many professionals throughout those years. Rob Jolly surpasses them all. His inner sense shows definition and strength throughout his work ethics.

His intention, integrity and impeccability are very much in line with his creative side. Further more, his ability to recognize the person behind the “scene” and match the web-site to show just that was amazing. His marketing capability along with today’s technology further enhances his skills and knowledge which he applies in an ongoing basis.

Rob’s ability to describe his work by giving “the reason” behind his work sets him apart from many other professionals within his field. He also goes above and beyond any expectations one can have.

He is very much aware and truthful about his time lines, which I am very grateful for because it keeps my agenda within a professional timely manner.

I highly recommend Rob Jolly and his team for your future endeavors within your company. One can be pleasantly surprised at the results he and his team brings.

Thank you Rob for being P.A.R.T. of MY team."

Camy Oancea
Executive Director

"Jolly Design has helped my nascent, solo law practice gain parity with some of my larger competitors by providing a dynamic and professionally polished website almost overnight.  Their customer service was outstanding and the quality of work sublime.  As my practice grows, I will definitely return to and Jolly Design to add web pages to my site."

- Brian Gutierrez, Texas

"It's not just companies that find themselves in need of websites. We own a beautiful condo in a fantastic resort on the gorgeous island of Maui, and although we know a lot of people, there just weren't enough to be able to keep our unit rented. 

We recognized early on our need for a website in order to advertise our property to anyone and everyone who might be looking for a Hawaiian vacation.  Jolly Design Inc came up with a great concept for our site and designed it beautifully.  They were very easy to deal with and completely surpassed our expectations.  Despite the fact that their pricing was affordable in and of itself, the increased market for our advertising and resulting reservations of our unit have more than paid for the website!"

- Buzz, Washington

"Jolly Design Inc. was able to conceptualize, develop and implement a complete remodel of our existing website. Our customers are now treated to a professionally designed, visually-appealing, dynamic online experience that makes it easy for them to find exactly the information that they require. Having potential customers well-informed of our prices, processes, services and corporate information ensures that they will look to us first when the need arises, and that they will be better served once they reach us.

JDI's expertise is obvious not only in their process and their products, but also in their results. The integrated search engine optimization has resulted in an average increase of traffic to our site of over 100% since it was launched.

We found the staff at JDI to be friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and efficient, and their prices to be very competitive.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring a website, except perhaps our competitors!"

- Mojo's Registry, Alberta

We knew what we were looking for in a website but didn’t think that we had the language to be able to articulate it adequately to a developer. JDI spent a ridiculous amount of time with us to get into our heads and be able to both realize and elaborate upon, our vision.

Given the content updates to our site that we knew would be necessary on a daily basis, we were worried that the monthly costs of maintenance and updating would make the whole project cost prohibitive.  JDI’s ideaCMS program however, enables us to maintain our own site, edit the content, design the layout of my pages, upload and edit our own photos, handle our own search engine optimization and monitor our site statistics. We can spend as much or as little time as we like on it, without paying a developer upwards of  $100 an hour! It’s simple to use, and fun to play with.,  and it didn’t require the purchase of expensive software.  JDI’s people and pricing structure make it easier and more affordable ever to design, create and maintain control of your own website. 

We're currently in the process of gearing up to produce a line of marketing materials and our one and only call will be to JDI.
-, Alberta

Jolly Design has exceeded my expectations in both quality of design and their high level of service.  As a solo practice, having the ability to reach new clients at a reasonable cost is critical to my success and Jolly Design provided my firm the opportunity to connect with my clients in an exciting new way without breaking the bank.

- Blake Thompson, Texas

"By directing potential clients to my website in advance of a phone call or personal consultation, I've been able to streamline my processes and make more efficient use of my resources. has provided me a website that saves me money on so much more than just advertising!"

- Jim Gilmore, Texas

I enlisted the services of Jolly Design Inc. in October of 2007. I was starting a new business, and feeling a little overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start.

After presenting the concept of my company, and discussing my business strategies with Rob Jolly, I immediately felt at ease that I had the right person for my IT and IT development needs.

My business concept was one that required me to be able to analyze a large amount of data for my clients and provide detailed recommendations on the best options available into the industry. I needed a tool that could automate this process for me.

Rob was able to articulate and help me develop a concept for my analysis needs and was able to present concepts that I had not even considered. In essence he had become an expert in my industry in order to ensure I had a solution that would suit my business needs.

It was an aggressive, complex project that had aggressive timelines. Considering the amount of work that was required, he completed it under an impressive timeline.

The overall results of the project, as well as the design and implementation of my website were more than what I had initially ever hoped for.

I believe that Rob Jolly and the team of Jolly Design Inc. were professional, knowledgeable and determined to make sure I had a stellar solution in place to effectively manage my client’s needs. As well, to market my company in a way that presents HP Consulting Inc. as a company you would want to do business with. I would recommend Jolly Design Inc. to any of my colleagues or associates that were looking for a developer or project manager for their websites, or other IT solutions.

- Heather Pauls, HP Consulting, Alberta

"Potential clients want to be well informed about you before they'll even invest in a phone call. You have to be on the Internet to even tap into the market  these days. provides a great product, in a timely manner at an affordable price. I wish I'd done it sooner!" 

- Cheri Abbage, Texas



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