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Jolly Design Inc (JDI) is a creative website design and development company. In addition to our custom website design services, we specialize in providing products and services to niche markets through our "Easy" product group and various other initiatives to facilitate affordable website development for the small to medium-sized business.  View Divisions of JDI

Our focus is on recreating real world business experiences in the digital form.  Each website is developed to establish a profitable relationship between our clients and their customers by providing functional design with relevant content.

Established in 2006 by Robert Jolly, JDI provides technology to clients in markets throughout the US and Canada.  While the primary focus of the company is custom and templated website design, we value our strong relationships with other technology companies and businesses through our consulting group. 

As a young business, we understand the challenges of the small business owner and through the use of our proprietary ideaCMS product we can provide low cost technology to them that was previously only attainable by larger corporations. 

Built completely from the ground up, ideaCMS provides the average business owner the ability to manage their website, content, images and customer information using an intuitive online interface.  No previous computer experience is required.  Through the addition of modules, features can be added to a company's website when the need arises.  The ideaCMS product incorporates various levels of quality control that other systems do not address for the average user. These include online photo management that will automatically resize, crop and adjust photos for use online directly from the user's digital camera (no expensive photo editing software required).

A strong return on investment is critical for our client's online success.  JDI provides a variety of paths for growth by allowing small businesses to establish their online presence with minimal expense with proven techniques and professional design.  As their business grows, we provide products and strategies to attract new customers to their online presence and  they can find comfort in the fact that our technology will scale with them. 

The ideaCMS product is a hosted solution and exclusive to JDI customers.

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Jolly Design Inc is incorportated in the Province of Alberta and is a privately held company.
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